My adventures in the snow

My abbreviated story of snowy adventures

  • Starts as a little kid sledding off the carport roof
  • Cross-country skied once with the Boy Scouts
  • Snowboarded once 1995, 2003, and then a whole lot in college, then on the Weber State University Snowboard team
  • 2012 Started splitboarding in Switzerland
  • 2015 Starting ascending plenty of high Alpine peaks during wintertime, started doing hut traverses
  • 2017 Completed backcountry Ski Guide Certification (Tourenleiter I)
  • 2020 Started doing lots of snow camping traverses
  • 2021 Completed alpine Ski Guide Certification (Tourenleiter II)
  • 2021 Stopped snowboarding, started skiing
  • 2022 February and March traversed the Pirin and Rila Mountains of Bulgaria, solo, in multiple directions, on skis
  • 2022 & 2023 Skied from Ghost Ranch, NM to Canada, solo except from Anaconda, MT to Canada.

My story…

… is still being written.

I wish to write it mainly in the snow while meaningfully contributing to mitigating climate change.