Gear list

Gear is the least important pillar

Most important of all come the mental, i.e. emotional, technical, and reasoning, capabilities. Think emotional, technical, and reasoning courses, mentoring, and personal experience.

Tightly coupled to the mental capabilities, physical conditioning and the accompanying diet sets the fundament. Think years following the approach laid out in the book "Uphill Athlete".

For more, please read through skills and abilities for my 2022-2023 winter CD(T) attempt,

Once those two are clearly established, only then should one consider optimizing gear systems. Personal experience and online forums on the state-of-the-art prove helpful.

If you want more of this, I am writing a book. It's appendix will go more into how I exactly did things. See the page where I justify why yet another book to subscribe for updates.

My 6 winter systems

Ski setup

I used the Tecnica Zero G peak. They may not walk the best, but they are very stiff for their weight. I used the SkiTrab Ortles 90 for winter and SkiTrab Maestro.2 for spring. SkiTrab makes the simplest and most featured pin binding, while being light enough. I used the Gara and Vario.2 binding. I was able to remount a torn-out binding, but never did.


I used the Timmermade Winter Wren -20⁰F with a GramXpert 50⁰F synthetic overbag for the coldest periods on a Therm-a-rest Xtherm. I shared a Spoonbill UL sleeping bag from Feathered Friends with a friend for the upper half of Montana's CD on and Exped double sleeping pad. Timmermade vapor barrier clothing helped me on cold nights.


I used the fly of a Durston X-mid 1 or, with my friend the Durston X-mid 2. I also used the Seek Outside Silex hot tent alone and the Seek Outside Guardian with my friend. Procuring wood and burning it to melt water was too slow, so we reverted bag to the white gas stove.


I used the Superior Wilderness Designs Big Wild backpack. It carried well and, with the hanging hip belt, skied very well with a heavy load.


I used the MSR XGK-EX with a modified Trail Designs Fissure windscreen-potstand combination to hold an MSR Big Titan. I burned bio-white gas. I also used a Seek Outside Medium U-Turn, but that requires too much time for cross country travel.


From inside out top: SkiTrab Overglove Plus or Showa Temres 282 gloves, Patagonia Capilene Air hoody, Patagonia Houdini, Patagonia DAS light jacket, and, with significant precipitation, the Zpacks Poncho Groundsheet, or, at camp a Timmermade SUL 1.5 down sweater. From inside out bottom: Pantyhose leggings, Mtntools Vapor Barrier Socks, 2 pair ultrathin ski socks, boot-length thermal underwear, Montbell Dynamo wind pants, Patagonia DAS light pants.

My stuff

item categ. weight Review
poles, skitrab magico ride 422 Tough, except for the baskets.
skis skitrab ortles 90 171cm, skitrab titan gara, skimo race skins and full width skins ride 3400 fun, light and efficient powder skis with the best, minimal binding on the market.
boots, tecnica zero g peak, size 28, w/o powerstrap w/ sf green insoles ride 2190 Oversized for swelling feet, plenty stiff.
helmet, petzl sirocco helmet ride 166 Good enough, kept head cool.
beacon, pieps micro bt button ride 150 Light and simple, carried only with partner.
bag, timmermade winter wren fetal, false bottom, no zipper, -30°c sleep 988 Comfort -30°c, taken to -40⁰C with synthetic overbag.
pad, neoair xtherm rw, w/ bag+repair kit sleep 580 Light, warm, and packable.
balaclava, timmermade, down, -24°c sleep 73 Works well. Condensing water vapor can run back down onto face.
quilt, gramxpert elite, wide-long, apex 67, 10°c sleep 337 Overbag, add 6°c warmth, useful in storm.
cordage, lawsons ironwire 2.7mm shelter 53 Guyline replacement
groundsheet, zpacks poncho shelter 163 Worked very well when it was dumping snow.
tent, durston gear x-mid 1 solid, fly, w/ bag shelter 522 Good enough. 2p fly is luxurious for 2 people in winter.
pot, msr big titan 2l, with trail designs fissure cone nourish 183 Pot for melting snow. Dialed for melting snow in bad weather.
fuel bottle, msr 300ml nourish 107 Left pump screwed into bottle
fuel bottle, og white gas pet 0.94l nourish 42 Imported PET bottle from Germany.
stove, msr xgk-ex, drilled out and pared down w/ pump nourish 321 Perfect.
pump oil, msr nourish 20 I needed to service pump in field, and oiled the dried out pump cup regularly.
bottle, nalgene canteen 2l, foldable nourish 64 Melt water between back and backpack
spoon, long-handle, toaks nourish 15 Squarish head serves as pot scraper
firesteel, friendly swede nourish 49 Dependable
jar, litesmith 400ml nourish 42
backpack, swd rugged big wild 70l, m pack 1042 Carried heavy comfortably, bomber.
hip pocket, swd zipperless pack 29 Snacks
hip pocket, swd zipperless pack 29 Common ditty, sunscreen, wallet, scissors
shoulder pocket, swd, lycra pack 17 Poncho, other gloves, jar, puffy, white gas bottle, saw
front pocket, swd, ultra pack 65 Phone, sunglasses
stuff sack, swd lunch box 16.5l pack 42 Food bag, bear hang bag.
binding repair kit, torx key, epoxy, nylon inserts, 3 screws misc 66 Never needed to remount a binding, but I was ready.
watch, garmin instinct 2 solar misc 49 Battery ok, altimeter, thermometer, health meter.
shovel, arva plume misc 380 lightweight, capable and simple.
straps, voile, 3 misc 72 Rarely used.
goggles, julbo aerospace, band replaced with elastic cord misc 151 Full backup of sunglasses, great for stormy conditions.
first aid, leukotape, bandages, pain pills misc 59 Barely touched
satellite transceiver, inreach messenger misc 99 Battery not as good as advertised, no on-device track recording, worked.
power bank, nb10000 10000mah misc 153 Dependable.
headlamp, nitecore UL25 USB-C, pared down misc 42 Good battery life, different modes very useful when skiing.
sunscreen 50spf misc 70
smartphone, samsung s22 ultra w/ case misc 266 decent battery life, good camera
charger, anker 20W, singe usb-c, short cable with adapter for watch misc 60
pole repair kit misc 30 Never used, sent home.
tech toe piece, skitrab misc 66 Get off the mountain with just a toe. Never used, sent home.
scissors, litesmith microscissors misc 30 covered most of my uses
windshirt, patagonia houdini, l clothe 111 Toughest jacket I know of.
jacket, patagonia das light hoody, m clothe 326 Very useful.
pants, timmermade dcf clothe 58 Only used vbl as part of sleep system mid-winter. Very helpful.
jacket, timmermade dcf, m clothe 102 Only used vbl as part of sleep system mid-winter. Very helpful.
pants, montbell dynamo, m clothe 90 Tough pants, but ripped two pairs, new version is tougher
jacket, timmermade sul 1.5, down clothe 213 Very warm outer, adds 6°c to sleep system
hat, patagonia duck bill trucker clothe 63 Kept the sun off my nose.
gloves, skitrab gara overglove plus, medium clothe 45 Dialed, warm, quick-drying overglove, also quite tough.
shirt, long-sleeved patagonia capilene air crew hoody, m clothe 184 Very warm. Doubled as a sun hoody on warm days. Comfortable to sleep in.
thermal underpants, icebreaker merino boot-length clothe 118 Good enough.
socks, mtntools vapor barrier socks clothe 40 VBS over panty hose leggings and under socks.
socks, smartwool, ultrathin, black clothe 66 Wore out after a couple of months.
socks, darn tough, ultrathin, blue clothe 63 Great socks. Still going strong.
gloves, showa best 282 atlas temres insulated gloves clothe 125 Sturdy, waterproof and non-breathable at fingers, suitable in rain or at camp.
nose-cheek cover, bekogear cheeko l clothe 12 It worked to keep the nose from freezing. Cycle between this and Cheekito on cold days.
nose-cheek cover, bekogear cheekito l clothe 9 It worked to keep the nose from freezing. Quicker to deploy than Cheeko.