Gear list

Why all the fuss

Winter needs more stuff to deal with the elements. Adding the whole ski touring set up usually doubles the necessary winter weight. Everything I have chosen has been highly scrutinized, but I am not attached to gear. Show me a better way, please.


  • Skis: SkiTrab Ortles 90 for powder or SkiTrab Maestro.2 for spring.
  • Ski bindings: Ski Trabs are the simplest and most featured binding, while being light enough. I use the Gara binding. I will be able to remount a torn-out binding.
  • Alpine unit: 1km horizontal distance or 100m vertical ascent, usually takes 15 minutes to travel.
  • Sleeping bag: I am open to sharing a sleeping bag, as long as we are on the same page regarding vapor barrier clothing or a hot tent. I have a Spoonbill UL from Feathered Friends to offer.
  • Tent: Sharing a tent would help reduce weight. A hot tent would be sweet. I can offer a Hyperlite Mountain Gear Ultamid 4, and a Durston X-mid 2 with a solid inner. I would say the X-mid would require the least work in the evening and will perform the best in wind.

My current stuff

item categ. weight intended purpose
poles, skitrab magico ride 452
skis skitrab ortles 90 171cm, skitrab titan gara, skimo race skins and full width skins ride 3400
boots, tecnica zero g peak, size 28, w/o powerstrap w/ sf green insoles ride 2190 oversized for swelling feet
helmet, petzl sirocco helmet ride 166 good enough
beacon, pieps micro bt button ride 150 light and simple, carry only with partner
bag, timmermade winter wren fetal, false bottom, no zipper, -28°c limit sleep 988 comfort -23°c, taken to -30⁰C
pad, neoair xtherm rw, w/ bag+repair kit sleep 580 light, warm, and packable
balaclava, timmermade, down, -24°c sleep 73
quilt, gramxpert elite, wide-long, apex 67, 10°c sleep 337 overbag, add 6°c warmth, useful in storm
guy lines cordage, hmg, 80’ shelter 53 handy
groundsheet, zpacks poncho shelter 163 measure
tent, durston gear x-mid 1 solid, fly, w/ bag shelter 522 measure
matches, uco stormproof nourish 30
pot, msr big titan 2l nourish 183 winter pot for fire and water
fuel bottle, msr 300ml nourish 107
fuel bottle, og white gas pet 0.94l nourish 42
stove, msr xgk-ex, drilled out and pared down w/ pump nourish 321
lighter, bic, disposable nourish 22
bottle, nalgene canteen 2l, foldable nourish 64 melt water between back and backpack
bottle, nalgene hdpe 1000ml nourish 108 cold-soaking pot, water bottle
spoon, long-handle, toaks nourish 15 squarish head serves as pot scraper
firesteel, friendly swede nourish 49 dependable
bowl, dutchware bowl bag nourish 18
backpack, swd rugged big wild 70l, m pack 1042 carry heavy comfortably
hip pocket, swd zipperless pack 29 snacks
hip pocket, swd zipperless pack 29 inreach and snacks
shoulder pocket, swd, lycra pack 17 helmet and puffy
front pocket, swd, ultra pack 65 just big enough for 1l nalgene
stuff sack, hmg roll-top, m pack 33 white gas bottle bag
stuff sack, swd lunch box 16.5l pack 42
repair kit, seamgrip, tape, thread+needle misc 66
watch, garmin instinct 2 solar misc 49 altimeter, thermometer, gps, health meter
shovel, arva plume misc 380 lightweight, capable and simple
straps, voile, 3 misc 72
goggles, julbo aerospace, band replaced with elastic cord misc 151 full backup of sunglasses
first aid, leukotape, bandages, pain pills misc 59
compass misc 77
satellite transceiver, inreach mini 2 misc 99
multitool, gerber dime, stripped misc 45 works for nails, needs proper bit holder
power bank, nb10000 10000mah misc 153
bits full, multitool, torx, philips, flathead misc 46
headlamp, petzl bindi misc 34
sunscreen 50spf misc 70
smartphone, samsung s22 ultra w/ case misc 266 decent battery life, good camera
charger, microusb + usb-c adapter misc 34
pole repair kit misc 30
tech toe piece, skitrab misc 66 Get off the mountain with just a toe
windshirt, patagonia houdini, l clothe 111 back up jacket, warming layer
jacket, patagonia das light hoody, m clothe 326
pants, timmermade dcf clothe 58 vbl and rain pants, insulation layer, part of sleep system
jacket, timmermade dcf, m clothe 102 vbl and rain jacket, part of sleep system
pants, montbell dynamo, m clothe 90
jacket, timmermade sul 1.5, down clothe 213 warm outer, adds 6°c to sleep system
hat, patagonia duck bill trucker clothe 63
buff, patagonia, sun hat clothe 39 works nicely
gloves, showa work, rubberized clothe 58 sturdy, waterproof and non-breathable at fingers
socks, freezer bags, 2-pair, 6l 31x46cm clothe 40 vbl goes between thin socks
gloves, skitrab gara overglove plus, medium clothe 45 dialed, warm, quick-drying overglove
shirt, long-sleeved patagonia capilene air crew, m clothe 184
thermal underpants, icebreaker merino boot-length clothe 118
socks, smartwool, ultrathin, black clothe 66
socks, smartwool, ultrathin, blue clothe 63
gloves, showa best 282 atlas temres insulated gloves clothe 125
nose-cheek cover, bekogear cheeko l clothe 12 works to keep the nose from freezing
g lbs
base weight, carried 7710 17
base weight total 15457 34
base weight worn 7747 17
base weights ride 6320 13.9
shelter 919 2
sleep 2021 4.4
nourish 959 2.1
misc 1752 3.9
pack 1345 3
clothe 2141 4.7
anticipated weights # g, each note
gas per day, g 66 66 melt snow every day for 2 liters of boiled water
food per day, kcal 3600 720 Assuming 5.5kcal/g food plus 10% water
section nights Cons., g total starting carried weight, g
15 days 14 11004 18714
8 days 7 5502 13212